THE PROLOGUE SOCIETY, founded in 1992, is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage and foster interest in and understanding of the history and culture of all peoples and nations.

The Society hosts approximately seven luncheon events each year, from September to May in South Florida.

Members meet to listen to writers and historians of local, national, and international stature discuss their recent books. Each season brings a wide variety of topics that span time, geography, cultures and disciplines.

The inspiration for The Prologue Society’s name comes from the statue Future by Robert Aitken that sits at the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance to the National Archives in Washington D.C. The quote on the statue in turn refers to Shakespeare’s famous quote, “What’s past is prologue.”


Executive Committee

Teresa Gutierrez


James Herron

Vice Chair

Robert Ruwitch


Debbie Hirshson

Secretary & Program Manager


Susan Abraham

JoAnne Bander

Marilyn Berens

Rachel Blechman

Joseph Fleming, Esq.

Nancy Frehling

K. Lawrence Gragg, Esq.

Dr. Jane Katcher

David Lawrence, Jr.

Ruth Markham

Cristina Nosti

Dr. Edmund Parnes


Carmen Betancourt Lewis

Howard Kleinberg

Dabney Park

In Memoriam

Ray Marchman, Jr.

Arva Moore Parks McCabe

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